With some basic preparation, your in-flight experience can be a wonderful opportunity to unwind both before and after your tour. We recommend taking the following easy steps:

Board your flight dressed in light layers
Stow a small carry-on bag under your seat to ensure easy access to your essentials while in the air
Pack the following items to use on board:

  • an empty, reusable water bottle – fill it up once you’ve cleared airport security and stay hydrated throughout the flight
  • healthy, light snacks
  • a lightweight scarf or shawl – use it as a blanket or extra layer
  • a travel pillow
  • socks
  • tissues
  • chewing gum – help ease the changing pressure by chewing as you adjust altitudes
  • hand lotion
  • a toothbrush and toothpaste – freshen up mid-flight or before you land
  • books and magazines
  • podcasts or a movie – download these ahead of time
  • headphones (noise-cancelling, if you have them)
  • chargers and a backup battery – land at your destination with fully charged devices